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Assertiveness and Confidence at Work

Start: 19th November 2024
From: 09:00 to 16:00

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Confidence training courses can benefit people in many organisations as confidence is a key part of leadership, sales, customer care and building relationships with colleagues and client. Investing in confidence and assertiveness training will ultimately result in a positive impact on an organisation’s bottom-line.

Who is this course for?
This course is ideally suited to those employees who want to gain confidence and be more assertive and also for those who want to lessen their aggression in the workplace. Perfect for those individuals whose lack of assertiveness stands in the way of them achieving their personal and professional goals.

Course Overview
Assertiveness and Confidence are essential in the workplace. We often feel out of our depth in many business situations, yet we know that the more confident people feel about themselves, the better they project a positive image. Assertive behaviour respects the views of others, but allows us to get across our own needs and opinions

This course will enable you to be more effective, positive and competent in the workplace, by learning to be firm but fair with your colleagues. It will help you make a plan for realistic change and enable you to realise the benefits of assertive behaviour and recognise the differences between being assertive and aggressive . You will learn to say no effectively and improve your day to day communications with both colleagues and clients.

Course Objectives
By attending this course delegates will learn:
• The impact of Aggressive, Assertive or Passive behaviour
• How to use techniques for improving communication, negotiation, and handling others
• To Improve their assertive behaviour through specific techniques tailored to needs of the individual
• To recognise areas where they feel most confident and develop strategies for adapting their behaviour in areas where they feel less self-assured.
• Personal Drivers, understanding yourself
• The Confidence Trick: believing in yourself

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Location: Zoom

Start: 19th November 2024
From: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Assertiveness and Confidence at Work #1


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