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The Language of International Communication

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The Language of International Communication

Kingsway English Centre, Worcester WR1 1EE

The training is aimed at anyone in business who has the need to communicate internationally. We can all speak English but are we using our language effectively?

We use English in meetings, negotiations, presentations, training, interviews, emailing, telephoning, Skype etc. but are we using the right words to get our message across or are we baffling our foreign business associates and affecting our business negotiations?

 “I’m afraid I’m tied up at the moment” – just an everyday phrase that we might use on the phone or in an email. Do you think this is a good use of English when communicating with a foreigner? If your answer is ‘yes’, then you need to come on our course! Here’s why:
To you, it means ‘you’re busy and can’t talk now’ but a non-native speaker might interpret this as ‘You’re tied up and you’re scared’ = you’ve been kidnapped!
To succeed in International business, you need to think about what you are saying; poor communication costs time and money.

This course is a workout designed to help you to re-shape your language and raise your awareness of potential communication difficulties when working internationally.
Through examples, case studies, video and your own experiences, you will discover how others interpret what you are saying and how easy it is to be completely misunderstood.
We will show you that when you think you are making sense, the non-native speaker may have absolutely no comprehension but will be nodding and smiling anyway!
We will also show you a few useful techniques to teach you how you can check that you are being understood without being patronising and prove that you don’t need to shout!
By the end of the course we will make you really think about your language, how to adapt your language and help you to develop a more empathetic and effective international style of communication. Being aware of foreign hosts’ culture is, of course, important, but being able to communicate effectively with language on a global stage is vital.

Course Location: Kingsway English Centre, 40-41 Foregate St, Worcester WR1 1EE
Timings: This is a half day course, arrive 9.00am for 9.30am start, finish 12.30pm. Tea and coffee provided.

Download an Information sheet detailing all topics covered here: The-Language-of-International-Communication

£100.00 Members (excludes VAT) / £125.00 Non members (excludes VAT)

For more information please contact the International Trade Team      01905 673614