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7 Steps to Closing the Deal

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7 Steps to Closing the Deal

Severn House, Worcester WR4 9NE
This one day workshop will concentrate on the seven steps to closing the deal, and using exercise, discussions, role play and other training activities will explore the best ways to: know when to close, deal with objections, negotiate differences and close the deal.  
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These are the steps we will take:
  • Know exactly what your customer's requirements are. This is about your questions and listening; these should tell you exactly what this customer wants and needs from your product/service.
  • The customer must understand your offer and the value of your product or service to them. You must be absolutely clear about the benefits your products give them.
  • The customer must believe and trust you. There must be a high degree of rapport. In addition, they should have faith in your company and believe that you will deliver on your promises. You must have removed any sense of risk.·        
  • You need to have dealt with their concerns, constructively handled their objections, and reassured, removed or outweighed them.
  • Sometimes this will involve Negotiation on price or timings and other commercial impacts. Step Five helps you to manage this negotiation in a positive rather than competitive way.
  • Step six is about being aware of the ‘buying signals’ and knowing when to move towards the close of the sale.
  • The final step is to close the deal. This involves a number of smaller stages but gets to the point where the customer not only says yes but commits to the purchase fully. 

£150.00 Members (excludes VAT) / £188.00 Non members (excludes VAT)

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