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Effective Professional Proofreading - Hereford

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Effective Professional Proofreading - Hereford

Hereford Business Solutions Centre, Rotherwas HR2 6JL
£80 Members
Wednesday 26 September 2018
Event begins from 09:30 AM
Wednesday 26 September 2018 Event begins from 09:30 AM
To present a professional business image you must ensure that any written materials you create and publish have no mistakes in them.

These days all professional organisations create a wide range of written and published materials.
This includes letters, e-mails, newsletters, e-shots, brochures, leaflets, presentations and online content.
The problem is, because we’re all human, it can be hard to ensure that every word, every item of punctuation and every font or page alignment is correct.
This workshop will show you how to easily and quickly proofread your documents to a high standard.
You’ll leave with an array of useful tips, that you can use each day, to help you ensure that everything is as it should be.
In the workshop you will also have the opportunity to review and proofread some of your own drafted or existing copy.
Please bring copy examples along on a memory stick saved in a Word document. Laptop computers and printers will be provided.

Who is it for?
This workshop will help anyone who writes but especially small business owners and employees responsible for creating and publishing online and offline marketing materials.
Nothing more than an aim to improve your copy checking and proofreading skills and a desire to feel more confident when you are doing this.
The business benefit
  • An understanding of how to approach the process of professional proofreading
  • An ability to proofread more quickly and more accurately
  • An ability to pass on this skill to others within your organisation
  • The reassurance that you’ll be making and publishing corrected content.

£80.00 Members (excludes VAT) / £100.00 Non members (excludes VAT)

Membership Saving £20

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Start Date: 26 September 2018 Start Time: 09:30 AM
End Date: 26 September 2018 End Time: 01:30 PM

For more information please contact the Training Team      01905 673611