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Role of the Team Leader

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Role of the Team Leader

Severn House, Worcester WR4 9NE
£150 Members
Wednesday 13 September 2017
Event begins from 09:30 AM
Wednesday 13 September 2017 Event begins from 09:30 AM

The way the Team is led has a major impact on its effectiveness and success.

Often Team Leaders have been promoted without the opportunity to have formal training and development.

This workshop is designed for Team Leaders or those who aspire to become team leaders and looks at the role, identifying key skills which will improve how you interact with your team, motivate them to achieve their goals and delegate work to ensure optimum productivity levels.  

This course runs from 9.30am-4.30pm with all materials, refreshments and a buffet lunch provided.

Course Content:

This workshop will cover:
  • The Role of the Team Leader – looking at the role in detail, where it sits in the hierarchy, recognising levels         of authority, expectations of the team and the management. Looking at the skills that are needed:
  • Communication – ensuring that you are clear and understood, acting as a conduit for information coming down from management and going back up from the team.
  • Delegating work effectively –a key skill in team leading, recognising the skills of individuals or their development needs and helping people enhance their skills with real work experience.
  • Representing the team – a significant part of the Team Leader’s role is to represent the Team at other levels of the organisation; key to this is loyalty and professionalism.
  • Achieving the goals and targets set for the team – it is important that the Team Leader shares the responsibility for achieving the team’s goals and targets. Leading from the front but affecting the performance of everyone in the team.
  • How to motivate good performance from individuals and from each of the team members recognising that we all have different motivational drivers and how to use that in effectively leading teams

Business Impact

  • Improved productivity
  • Improved communication skills
  • Practical tips and information that delegates can implement immediately.
  • Supports staff development
  • Increased confidence in delegation

Who would benefit from this Course?

This course is part of a short programme of courses intended for Team Leaders and who want to develop their skills.
Ideal for staff that have been promoted to a management role without any formal training. Perfect for new managers who want to know how to set standards and improve their teams performance.

£150.00 Members (excludes VAT) / £188.00 Non members (excludes VAT)

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