Shipping container problems continue to mount

Ports continue to face challenges around shipping containers and the large increase in congestion is blocking strategic routes for firms to dock.

Denmark Maersk, the world largest shipping firm had advised they started to reroute large ships away from the UK, around concerns around docking and unloading goods.

Disruptions in shipping containers have caused widescale disruption across many industries such as automotive, manufacturing and engineering.

There has been considerable warnings from leading industry experts within the logistics sector calling for more government support as they warn, there will be severe shortages of goods and services on offer in the run up to Christmas, due to shipping firms unable to dock at UK ports.

There are several factors which are currently affecting delays, for example the backlog in containers getting picked up at ports which is impacting new cargo coming into the ports.

Whilst the demand for goods and services plunged during lockdowns throughout 2020, the rise in goods and services has risen significantly throughout 2021.

Industry experts warn these delays are going to take a considerable amount of time to stabilise with fears government intervention is required to help reduce the long delays.

Furthermore, the challenges with labour shortages with lack of HGV drivers has meant hauluage firms are struggling to move goods from ports which is further adding delays.