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Successful Telesales

Start: 9th December 2021
From: 09:00 to 16:00


Vitual Training


Telephone sales training is essential for any business looking to sell over the telephone in today’s business environment. If you want to improve your sales performance you can get the skills you need by attending one of our range of sales and customer care training courses. All of our sales courses will help you win more business, get ahead of your targets and impress your customers…and your boss!
Whether you take sales calls or proactively call new business, this intensive course will help you to identify skills and techniques that will enable you to develop a positive approach to selling over the telephone in a professional and effective manner.

Who Should Attend?
Anyone involved with telephone-based relationships who wants to organise and enhance their skills in the shortest possible time. Although the course has been designed for salespeople, the skills learned can equally be applied to areas such as customer service or support, where sales opportunities arise during the normal run of work.
Course format and duration
This one day workshop will; using case studies, practical exercises, observation and feedback help you to understand the skills you need to practice to improve your sales.

Course Content
• Introduction
• Getting into the right frame of mind
• What did you say?
• The Art of listening and analysing verbal communication
• Building rapport
• Different questioning techniques
• Improve your ability to cross-sell and up-sell
• How to ask for the business
• How to project a professional image
• Making contact with clients
• Planning and preparation
• Opening remarks
• Using AIDA
• Overcoming objections
• Closing the sale and recognising buying signals
• Practice making the calls

Places Available

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Start: 9th December 2021
From: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

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