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Basic Export Documentation

Start: 16th November 2021
From: 10:00 to 12:00


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What is this virtual seminar about?
A brief but comprehensive review of the inter-connecting elements of exporting goods from the UK. Some practical awareness of exporting is beneficial, but this session is suitable for beginners. The aim is to give delegates confidence in dealing with overseas customers, with transportation companies or Freight Forwarders and with customs procedures. The session includes:
• Review of the key export documents, including the invoice and packing list
• Where to go to know what the overseas countries require
• Issuing origin and preference statements
• The export customs declaration and the importance of keeping evidence of export
Who should attend?
Everyone who has any connection with sales or purchases and the international supply chain. This seminar will remove misunderstanding and shine a light on which terms are better for your individual business needs. The following are examples of the type of company personnel who need to keep up-to-date:
• Newcomers to export or people only involved occasionally with exports
• Shipping department trainees
• Export administrators and managers who have had no formal training
• Buyers, purchasing and procurement staff who need to understand key issues to correctly obtain prices and understand the true “cost of ownership”
• Sales and Customer service administrators who need to understand what they are contracting
• Freight forwarders and clearing agents who may be asked by their clients to make this important legal decision when entering goods to customs
• Management trainees

Key benefits
1. Ensure compliance with customs regulations
2. increase your understanding of customs rules
3. Provide you with clear guidelines on how to find out what information and documents are required
4. Give you the skill to put compliant systems in place within your organisation
5. Identify the importance of the export entry declarations and how to read them

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Start: 16th November 2021
From: 10:00 am to 12:00 pm

Basic Export Documentation #1