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ATA Carnet Procedures

Start: 18th November 2021
From: 10:00 to 12:00


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What is this virtual seminar about?
This seminar covers the procedures for the temporary movement of goods, both out of the UK at export and into the UK at import under the ATA Carnet Scheme. Temporary movements are suitable for demonstrations, exhibitions, for hire or loan, for testing or even for the movement of samples. The session includes:
• What the ATA Carnet scheme is and how it works internationally
• How to apply for an ATA Carnet in the UK
• Procedures of using an ATA Carnet for both handcarried and unaccompanied freight
• Receiving imports under the ATA Carnet Scheme
• Discharging the ATA Carnet correct to avoid fines and penalties
• Tips on what to do if things go wrong
Who should attend?
Both interactive and engaging, this session is suitable for people that are new to international trade, even though the course addresses potentially complicated areas. This is essential learning for those companies that have, up until now, been able to move free circulation goods right around the European Union without let or hindrance. Every export is someone else’s import, whether it is a temporary or permanent movement. So join our course to learn about the challenges of moving goods on a temporary basis. The following are examples of the type of company personnel who need to keep up-to-date:
• Newcomers to export or people only involved occasionally with exports
• Shipping department trainees
• Export administrators and managers who have had no formal training
• Buyers, purchasing and procurement staff who need to understand key issues to correctly obtain prices and understand the true “cost of ownership”
• Sales and Customer service administrators who need to understand what they are contracting
• Freight forwarders and clearing agents who may be asked by their clients to declare these documents when entering goods to customs

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Start: 18th November 2021
From: 10:00 am to 12:00 pm

ATA Carnet Procedures #1