Digital Reporting & Google Analytics

If you’re not measuring the impact of your marketing, how do you know if it’s working?

In this course we take a look at the Google Marketing Suite (including Google Analytics) and several other useful tools to help you measure and report on your online activities.

Who is this course for?

Business owners, marketing & PR professionals and anyone who may have an active interest in the marketing and PR of the company. This is an introductory course that assumes little or no previous knowledge in digital marketing and reporting.

The Business Benefit

  • Report on your online activity more efficiently with a greater degree of understanding
  • Identify how to improve your website by identifying weak areas, or areas of potential
  • Automate custom reports to receive the information you need, as and when you need it

Course Content

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Set up a Google Analytics account
  • Understand the key metrics and put them in context for your business
  • Set up automated reports
  • Delve into analytics and reports for more relevant campaign information
  • Appreciate the importance of goals, campaigns and e commerce integration and how to set them up

Course Overview

This half-day course will be presented as an interactive workshop, encouraging questions, live examples and feedback as you progress through the material. The course starts at 9am and finishes at around 12.30pm, with a coffee break at around 11am.
It will be broken down into the following sections, to guide you through the various tools to measure your digital marketing and PR campaigns:

  • An introduction to reporting and the Google Marketing Suite
  • Google Tag Manager and installing code
  • An overview of Google Surveys, Optimise and Data Studio
  • Google Analytics introduction and setup
  • Analytics key metrics, core reports and features
  • Goals, campaigns and e commerce
  • Detailed reports and segmentation
  • An introduction to SEO tools
  • Heatmaps and CRO

Your Course Tutor

Ben Feltwell is the founder of Baldur Digital. This Worcester-based digital marketing support agency that specialises in training and supervise clients to deliver successful campaigns in-house.

Having worked with enterprise and local SMEs for over a decade, Ben and his team provide the support and guidance needed for digital marketers. Covering all aspects of digital marketing, from website design and development to SEO, Social Media, CRO and email marketing, the training focuses on real-world experience, expertise and results-driven campaigns.

Whilst digital marketing and PR can seem daunting, Ben likes to bring a sense of humour and keep the information accessible, using real-world examples best (and worst) practices.

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