HR,Legalisation and Regulation

This series of courses will train you and your staff in essential skills, including Health & Safety and Management processes as well as offering courses to keep you up to date on the changing legal work environment.

To be a successful manager in the modern, high pressure world, you have to maintain both your personal skills and technical knowledge when dealing with people issues.

This management series is therefore aimed at both new and experienced managers who wish to gain clear guidance about how to deal with employment issues, both from a legislative perspective, and just as importantly, from an interpersonal skills perspective. Too often, managers implement the right decisions in the workplace, but the wrong way, thereby causing avoidable conflict, cost and absenteeism.

Many of these courses are counted as points for CIPD CPD accreditations.

Chamber members receive 20% discount on all scheduled courses.

Upcoming HR,Legalisation and Regulation Events

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