Effective Time Management

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by how much you had to do, or felt you were allocating too much time to tasks that are nowhere near the top of your list?

You can’t create time…. but you can use the time you have brilliantly. Focus on what’s important, get things done, and get in control. Effective time management highlights the unhelpful habits you have got into and how they waste the most precious commodity you have; time.

Who is this course for?

This course is valuable for anyone who feels they need to prioritise, adapt to changing priorities, and react assertively when others place demands on their time.

Course Overview

This course helps you to regain control of your workload by managing yourself and others more intelligently. You will learn how and when to say no, how to prioritise effectively, improve organisation and how to sustain these improvements over  time.  You’ll leave with a clear head and the tools to make immediate, lasting improvements back at work through better management of your time. This practical session offers you simple solutions to getting more done.

Course Objectives

On completion of this course, delegates will have learned how to:

  • Work more efficiently when you want to
  • Choose the right time to do the right things
  • Recognise your “time thieves”
  • Handle meetings, interruptions and learn how to delegate work effectively
  • Recognise the things that will contribute to your goals
  • Identify skills to manage your time more effectively
  • Understand the planning process
  • Understand the importance of prioritising
  • Learn how to say no

The Business Impact 

  • Improved productivity
  • Equips delegates with practical skills that delegates can implement immediately.
  • Supports staff development
  • Save yourself 5 hours a week……minimum!

Your Course Tutor

Jon Williams has been a management trainer for more than fifteen years. Fully qualified through the CIPD, Jon works in both the public and privates sectors delivering a wide variety or management and personal development training.

What Our Customers Say

“John was very good, he made the day very interesting. We were able to discuss our particular work scenarios and I learnt how to manage my time better and take control.” Debra Kelly – Parkinson Wright

What Next?

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