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Date: 09/04/2018

Triumph Motorcycles – one of Britain’s largest motorcycle manufacturers – have launched five new motorbikes on their recent global press tour which went underway in November 2017 and concluded in February 2018. The bikes launched were the Speed Triple, Tiger 800, Tiger 1200, Bonneville Speedmaster and the Bonneville Bobber Black across four locations, Almeria, Marbella, San Diego (Carlsbad), and Marrakesh, for approximately 80 - 120 press per event.

The tour’s main purpose was for the press to preview each bike and write an article on their reviews for their publication. The tour was also aimed to create the best and most memorable experience when riding one of Triumph’s bike’s. Each bike was presented to the press in a separate location, and each group was given the opportunity of a lifetime to experience the new bikes by going on a personal bike ride bespoke to everyone.
The Speed Triple is one of the most powerful bikes to date, with it being sharper, more agile and better handling alongside its high-specification suspension brakes and tyres. The Tiger 1200 has enhanced technology and an engine update, giving more immediate power - both bikes were launched in Almeria, Spain using separate locations specifically targeted to demonstrate the bikes unique riding styles.
The Tiger 800, which sits alongside the Tiger 1200 and slightly smaller in size, has an engine which is more responsive and has a shorter ratio first gear providing an improved off-road traction and acceleration. This bike ride was launched in a unique traditional campsite at the foothills of the Atlas Mountains an hour away from Marrakesh, Morocco.
The Bonneville Speedmaster bike ride took place in San Diego and is best described as a beautifully authentic British classic custom bike that delivers a distinctive cruiser riding style. Lastly, the Bonneville Bobber Black was launched in Marbella, Spain, and is best described as ‘darker, meaner and stronger’ with its hidden clean line rider technology.
Local Worcestershire communications agency drp, heavily supported Triumph by providing the location scouting, global and ground logistics, accommodation, route management, food & beverages, AV support and creative designs for each event.
With this, drp also helped Triumph with their factory visitor centre launch at their headquarters in Hinckley, Leicester prior to the launches. This was done by building a real-life experience within their factory to showcase the new bikes to the public. The event featured the 1963 film, ‘The Great Escape’ as their original bike is currently on show at the Triumph museum. This smaller launch paved a way into the global press tour, which continues to delve into Triumph’s heritage and showcase how they will continue to build this.
Gareth Bright, Marketing Events Manager at Triumph commented, “The press launch was truly phenomenal. We are so proud that our collaborative vision came to life – down to every last detail. We have received nothing, but positive reviews and we anticipate further collaborations with drp.
Nick Ruffles, Account Director for Triumph Motorcycles also commented, “I am ecstatic with the success of the press tour launch. We wanted to create an out of the ordinary experience of which we have gladly achieved. The team worked very hard to make this event for Triumph come to light and we look forward to working on future events.”