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Date: 29/01/2018

As one of the top personal stylists in the country, Jane Brook of Worcester was invited to the recent House of Colour Wonders Conference to speak about and celebrate her achievements and successes.

House of Colour Managing Director, Helen Venables says: ‘The Wonders Conference was a fabulous opportunity to reward Jane and recognise her success as a top colour and style consultant. Jane brings our world class training to life with her clients on a daily basis, and we in turn wanted to learn from her successes and to feed them into our best practice recruitment and training processes.  Jane always gets incredible feedback from her clients.  It’s a privilege to have her as a franchisee with House of Colour.”

Jane says: “I love working as a colour and style consultant because I love boosting the confidence of clients across the region by showing them the colours and styles that make them look and feel amazing.  It was life changing for me and it is life changing for my clients. It was a great honour to be selected to attend the Wonders Conference and to be recognised as a top personal stylist.

Coming from an accountancy background, I love showing my clients how to spend their money effectively and build a wardrobe of clothes that work for their skin tone, body shape, personality and lifestyle but don’t break the bank. After all we have to get dressed every day, so make those clothes count! “

Through colour analysis techniques, the pigments underneath a client’s skin determine which colours make their skin look brighter and their complexion healthier, rather than draining them.  House of Colour offers colour analysis, personal styling and image consultancy across the UK.