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Date: 16/05/2018

A new team member has been welcomed to support the growth of the REHAU PVCR recycling factory in Manchester.

Luke Jones recently joined the team in the new role of Purchasing Manager for Feedstock, a position that signifies how important the growth of the recycling market is to REHAU and the anticipated growth of window profiles requiring recycling in the coming years.
The PVCR factory in Manchester is a recycling facility recovering post-consumer PVC waste, and turning this potential landfill into pellets that can be used to create new PVC window profiles at REHAU’s factory in Blaenau.
As more and more window PVC windows get replaced the need for PVC recycling plants will become more essential – particularly as the world seeks to dispose of less plastic.
“In the coming years we expect to see a huge growth in the number of frames requiring recycling,” said Luke. “My appointment is part of our growth to match this demand at PVCR. By 2019 we could see up to 27,000 tonnes of frames requiring disposal every year and without plants ready to take in this volume we will see a lot of this go into landfill. This would go against REHAU’s own commitment to being more sustainable, and it would also be in contrary to the worldwide push for less plastic disposal.”
The appointment is also interesting for Luke as his dad worked for REHAU in management of accounts around 20 years ago.
“It was interesting to start the role at the same company my dad once worked for,” he added. “Going forward I am confident that we will see good growth and reach our own goals through operating in a new way with these new positions and opportunities.”
The team will continue to grow to support further development of the PVCR facilities.
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