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Date: 22/01/2018

Inclusion of disabled people in the workplace is a topic which can get easily side-lined. Yet it has been reported that people with disabilities are as good as their non-disabled peers, and in most cases out-perform them.

However, for these people to shine in their ability to perform in the workplace as an equal professional - from shop floor to office - the key factor is having an inclusive attitude to disability.
Disability awareness training in the workplace
Disability awareness training is suitable for employers, employees, managers or anyone involved in customer interaction. It can significantly help boost morale in a workforce whereby everyone feels supported and of equal value.
One of the barriers to employing disabled people, is fear. Employers often feel they should understand disability, with its myriad and complex variations. They naturally back away from an area that would appear to represent a mind-boggling amount of training, cost and time, none of which most companies have in abundance.
Disability awareness training is not complex or costly and will lead directly to disability equality, and more harmony in the workplace.
A specifically tailored disability awareness course encourages communication in a relaxed, jargon-free environment. Ideally; this is best when the people leading the course are experts in disability, with years of experience of disability on a personal level.
Awareness of disability in customers and employees
A course which is led by people who are disabled, and who are fully aware of all aspects of the daily challenges involved, will also mean course leaders will be unafraid to discuss the topic in a transparent, honest atmosphere with delegates feeling at ease.
When there is a chance to hear real life case studies, engage in peer discussion, with time for honest personal reflection, the misconceptions can be discussed, openly challenged and, indeed, melt away.
Is disability awareness training what you need in your company?
Some of the myths surrounding inclusion of disabled people in the working environment include worry about causing offence in communications, how best to offer support and if the person with a disability is up to the task involved and can work at the same level of efficiency as their non-disabled colleagues. A course will help banish these anxieties and also help with interactions with disabled people as customers.
What does a training course for awareness about disability include?
With a non-threatening, enlightening approach to the legislation of the Disability Discrimination Act / The Equality Act, you will gain a straightforward understanding about the importance of providing an accessible environment. This will help in areas such as making reasonable adjustments, pre-conceived ideas, stereotyping and unconscious bias, with an emphasis on inclusion.
You will learn about the kind of barriers people with disabilities regularly face, especially at work, the most empathetic language to use when addressing people with an impairment as well as the difference between empathy and sympathy.
Many employers are also unaware of the funding which is available and to the smaller companies on a tight budget, this can make a significant difference.
A course on disability awareness training will also touch on aspects of the difference between the medical and the social model of disability too, helping to break down further confusions.
Training in disability inclusion in the workplace
With an innovative, thought-provoking approach by people with a strong background in disability, you will leave a disability training session with more knowledge, and a better appreciation about the importance of disability equality and awareness.
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