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Date: 22/02/2016

Less than two weeks until the #hwexpo, Penny Lowe from Wellington Consulting in Hereford shares why the Expo is the ideal opportunity for small businesses or businesses in Herefordshire.

2015 saw changes at Wellington Consulting, the most significant being a relocation from Berkshire to Herefordshire. From my previous experience with the Chamber of Commerce, I decided that joining the Chamber in our new location would be a good way of finding suppliers as well as customers.

On hearing about the Chamber Business Expo, I decided this would be a good way to meet a lot of local businesses in the shortest possible time. I was not disappointed. From attending for one morning, I found three local suppliers that I have been using ever since and gained customers as a result of the contacts made at the event.

The sparsity of population in the region mean that a different approach is needed from Berkshire, and the Expo not only highlighted this for me, but helped me address the issue. I met Chamber staff and discussed what this Chamber has to offer and was made to feel very welcome to the area by all the stand holders and fellow attendees I spoke with.

Since then I have attended other Chamber events, but being a small business, there is a limit as to how much travelling time one can afford to spend so having everyone brought together in one location at the Business Expo was very helpful.

A big thank you to the Chamber for organising it. I shall be there again in March!