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Date: 20/10/2017

Following correspondence between BCC Director General Adam Marshall and the Chancellor, Philip Hammond around EU citizens, the chancellor has given some assurances.

In his letter back to Adam Marshal, the Chancellor stated:

“The government’s paper set out that any EU citizen in the UK at a specified date with five years’ continuous residence will be able to apply for UK settled status. Other EU citizens who arrive before the specified date will be able to stay until they have five years’ residence to apply for UK settled status. There will be a grace period after we leave to enable people to do this. Those citizens who arrived after the specified date will be allowed to remain in the UK during the grace period and may become eligible to settle permanently.”

“On the specified date, we are clear that it shouldn’t be earlier than the date we triggered Article 50 (29 March 2017), and no later than the date we leave the EU.  To specify a date now, and then risk this changing through the course of negotiations, would lead to further uncertainty for both EU citizens and UK nationals. But, for the avoidance of any doubt, anyone who arrived in the UK before the date we triggered Article 50 will be covered by the UK’s proposed approach.”

The Chancellor’s response should give some assurances to EU citizens currently living in the UK, particularly those that arrived before the triggering of Article 50 on 29 March 2017. These EU citizens will be able to stay until they have the five years’ residence to apply for UK settled status.

Read the Chancellor's letter to Adam Marshall here

Sophia Haywood, Policy Manager at Herefordshire & Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce, said:
"While the Chancellor's offer is not as comprehensive as we and the Chamber network would like, particuarly for EU citizens that have arrived in the UK after the 29 March 2017, I hope this will be of some help with firms trying to assure their EU citizen employees. Meanwhile, here at the Chamber we will continue to lobby government to ensure that local businesses can access the skills they need at home and abroad."