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Date: 16/12/2016

More often than not, attending a networking event can be last on your list of priorities. This is because you have appointments to make, deadlines to meet, reports to finish, staff to manage - the list goes on and on. 

So why should you commit your time to attend a 7.30am Networking Breakfast meeting? (Especially when you’re not a morning person!)

I’ll give you five reasons why:

Meet up - Networking is all about the start of a new connection with someone. You will come across likeminded people that are also interested in exploring the possibilities of a future business relationship. They may be a good contact for you, and you in turn may be a good contact for them. 

Pick up - Generally speaking, there is a guest speaker at the majority of networking events. Hearing the ideas of those who have been very successful is a great opportunity to learn. If you treat the event as a learning opportunity, you will find them to be very beneficial to you. 

Mix up - Spending time in the office can be a bit isolating, so why not attend a networking event to break up your day? Networking events provide a good setting for both socialising as well as boosting your career, so it is win-win from that perspective.

Keep up - When in a room with a number of people from your industry, you are bound to get talking about what has been happening recently. This provides an excellent opportunity to hear what trends are occurring, and areas that others have been focusing on.

Catch up – You will leave most networking events with new ideas, inspirations and a sense of motivation. When you are placed in a room with fellow high achievers, it is hard not to go home and wonder how you can improve your work and home life!

You never know who you are going to meet at a networking event and what you might gain. Are you going to meet someone who needs your exact service, at the exact time you meet them? Possibly not every time - but spending your time meeting new people can be an invaluable opportunity for new business in the future.

Have a great Christmas!


Image taken at the Chamber Business Expo in October

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Olivia Williams

Events and Training Manager

Olivia began working in the Events and Training department at Herefordshire & Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce in 2011, after studying at Worcester Sixth Form College. During her time at the Chamber, she has learnt the ins and outs of all 150 Networking Events and over 70 Public Training Courses. In 2015, she was appointed as Events and Training Manager. She now leads both departments and looks forward to continuing to provide fantastic events and training for Chamber members.

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