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Date: 27/07/2017

The Development Manager has been delivering apprenticeships for over a decade and we have identified these key benefits to a business when taking on an apprentice:

It is an affordable way to recruit and train staff
If you are a small business then the training costs of apprenticeships are either met in full or 90% funded by the government. The training provider will also assist in the recruitment process, saving money versus traditional recruitment agencies and ensuring you find the right candidate for the position.
It provides training that is relevant to your business
If you opt to engage the services of a training provider that delivers Work Based Learning then there will be regular engagement with you to ensure that the course content compliments the role that the apprentice is performing and that the learner is positively contributing to your business.
It provides tremendous opportunities for your business and staff
Apprentices bring lots of new ideas and opportunities to your business, whilst the apprentice also has the unique opportunity to earn while they learn. Apprentices tend to be very committed and boost the morale of existing staff, creating a happy and loyal workforce. A staggering 92% of apprentice- employing organisations say apprentices create a better, more motivated workforce, while 76% say they make their workplace more productive.*
It can improve your reputation with new and existing customers
By taking on apprentices your customers will see that your business is dedicated to creating a skilled workforce and providing opportunities to local people. We always recommend promoting the fact that you have taken on an apprentice and how they have impacted the business. There are also lots of specific business and individual apprentice awards that can further boost this recognition.
Improving the bottom line
Apprentices are an investment for the future, both of the individual and of your business. Studies show that apprentices provide an excellent return on that investment, with most paying for themselves within two to four years.
Apprentices can improve a company’s bottom line by boosting productivity and making processes more effective. Staff turnover is often reduced and this in turn saves on recruitment costs.
Support every step of the way
The Development Manager will support you in understanding the needs of your business, identifying any skills gaps and mapping these against our training programmes. We also assist in the recruitment process, advertising the role, vetting candidates and providing a shortlist from which to interview directly. Our work-based learning programmes ensure that you as an employer are directly involved in the development of the apprenticeship programme and it is relevant to the operation of your business. We also provide advice on funding and the development of policies and procedures that underpin apprenticeship programmes.
If you would like to learn more about the process of taking on an apprentice please do not hesitate to contact us on 0333 101 0040 or visit 
*data from the National Apprenticeship Service 

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Sarah Stilliard

The Development Manager Ltd is a work based learning company that responds to the skills development needs of local employers. TDM specialises in developing Tech, Digital and Management skills, delivering short courses, advanced and higher level apprenticeship qualifications.

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