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Date: 13/07/2017

The majority of organisations are perfectly aware of the importance of having their own website. That’s a given. A well designed and fully functioning website can be a real asset to your business’ marketing. In fact, being without a website puts you at a distinct disadvantage in a world where your online competitors will be vying for your target audience’s attention. 

So what about social media?

Well social media can also serve many of the purposes that a website performs. In the last ten years, we have seen many businesses adopt social media to communicate with customers, market their company and network with other businesses. The only difference we tend to see is that businesses often invest less time and money into the planning of their social media presence than they do for a new website.
This is in part due to the ease in which someone with no technical expertise can set up a social media page whereas businesses will look towards a professional web development company to build and host their website.

However it can also be to do with mentality.

Once a social media page is created, it is very easy for a lot of businesses to post irregularly or post consistently at first until the novelty wears off. Why does this happen though? Well this is largely to do with not having a clear strategy in place.

Developing your social media strategy in line with your business goals for that year provides your marketing team with the structure to measure success. Without any kind of strategy or targets implemented then there are no means of measuring the performance of the organisation’s social media presence. Inevitably this almost becomes a case of using social media for the sake of it rather than as a key part of your marketing strategy.

Possessing a strategy that defines the identity of your target audience, establishes the platforms your target audience are on and finally reaches out to your audience is the difference between making sure your key messages are heard or lost in the myriad of relatable content out there.

Additionally, it is vital that you identify which platforms your target audience use. All platforms are different and attract certain demographics of people. If you are a company spending your time posting on Facebook, when typically the people you are trying to reach mostly use LinkedIn, it wouldn’t make sense to prioritise Facebook. Not only would this not make sense but, more importantly, it wastes company time when this could be used more efficiently by focusing on relevant platforms.

Moreover a social media strategy is a means of identifying who your main online competitors are and which platforms they can be reached on. This is vital in terms of getting the most out of your social media presence as carrying out such research gives you a better idea of how to successfully promote yourself.

Finally having a clear content plan in place can do a lot for managing your time effectively. If every time you sign in to your social media profile you’re thinking of new content to post, this will inevitably take much longer than planning all of your content for that week or month.
So there are just a few things to consider when writing up your social media strategy. If you are reading this and feel that you aren’t currently maximising the potential of your social media presence or you require assistance in managing your social media profiles then we can work with you to help establish your social media strategy and then implement it.

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Declan Rollitt-James

Declan is V8Media's Account Manager. Declan is often meeting customers to ensure their requirements are being met, and providing marketing support through copywriting. To find out more about Declan, please visit

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