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Date: 10/08/2017

As reported by The Telegraph in July, small-to-medium sized enterprises account for 99% of all companies in the EU, acting as a backbone to the European economy. With the anniversary of the Brexit vote, Duomo (UK) Ltd, a small enterprise in Droitwich, Worcestershire has been reflecting on the challenges that they have faced and will continue to face.

Duomo (UK) Ltd has been designing, developing and manufacturing gas detection equipment and gas proving systems since 1994. Technical Director, Phillip Wild states that “In order to survive, a company needs strength to repeatedly embrace change and have the dogged determination to overcome unforeseen challenges”.  Duomo has been no stranger to such challenges. Throughout its history, along with many other companies, Duomo has been subjected to outside influences that are beyond prediction, but the company has survived and prospered.”

For example, Duomo was established to manufacture gas valve trains that controlled the flow of gas into packaged gas burners for commercial boilers and air heaters. The continental manufacturers for these burners had distributors based in the UK who found it beneficial to buy a valve train from a UK based company in order to suit the diverse, individual requirements of their customers. However, overnight, Brussels decided that the valve train HAD to be manufactured in the country of origin of each packaged burner. Due to this EU policy, Duomo had to react quickly. They set about using their tools and abilities to build a new range of gas proving systems for school kitchens and laboratories that were made for clients such as Birmingham City Council and many other local authorities throughout the UK.
Phillip added “The biggest challenge we face now is the uncertainty caused by Brexit. We are sourcing a lot of our raw materials from Europe.  Large currency fluctuations have made predictions about growth impossible. The Bank of England or the European Central Bank issue a statement and the Sterling to Euro exchange rate tumbles.” Phillip goes on to say “I’m really proud that Duomo has continued to be successful in this uncertain climate and has moved into fields such as environmental monitoring sensors - an area of incredible growth for us. The strength of Duomo has come from a willingness to diversify and launch new products that have a true value to customers and allow compliance with current gas safety and building standards in order to make our future more certain”.  Phillip firmly believes that now is the time to remember that Britain is great, and to relish the fight for, not just survival but success on a Global stage. What measures has your business had to take in the wake of Brexit?
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Beth Collett

Business Engagement Executive

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