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DIT supports a range of market visits every year to a wide variety of overseas markets to allow companies within the West Midlands to test foreign markets. DIT provides financial support for small and medium sized enterprises attending a DIT  - supported market visit. 

World Glow

To recieve financial assistance, participants must:

  • Be small to medium sized enterprises eligible for DIT services
  • Must not have proactive exports (sales to overseas customers) exceeding 10 per cent ; or overall exports exceeding 25 per cent of turnover
  • Have been exporting for less than 10 years
  • Be working with an ITA or equivalent on some form of trade development activity

Companies can also apply for a subsidy if:

  • They are new to the market they are visiting, which may be any market where DIT has a presence
  • They are novice exporters; businesses whose exports have not yet taken off as a proportion of turnover; and "born globals", i.e. very young companies who have been exporting substantially since their inception

For more information please contact the International Trade Team    01905 673614

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