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Local businesses are being encouraged to get accredited through Cyber Essentials, now being offered online through Herefordshire & Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce in partnership with the leading accreditation body, IASME.
It is well known that cyber crime not only poses a major threat to businesses of all sizes and sectors. Achieving accrediation will allow you to protect the most valuable assets of your business, providing the secure foundation needed for growth.

Accreditaion can also boost the confidence of your customers and help you stand out from competitors. In addition, certification against this scheme is increasingly required for any company bidding for government contracts and sometimes their supply chain too. Other organisations are now starting to include Cyber Essentials certification as a requirement in their standard supplier contracts.

Cyber Essentials consists of five main elements which are estimated to stop up to 80% of cyber attacks; Boundary firewalls and internet gateways; Secure configuration; Access control; Malware protection; and Patch management. The scheme is self assessed via an online form - no uploading of evidence, vulnerability scan or site visit is required and companies can review the questions for free before they start the assessment, which costs £300.


In addition to the basic certification, the scheme also provides optional certification against the IASME governance standard, recognised by the MoD in the Cyber Security Model. The basic fee covers automatic cyber liability insurance for UK domiciled organisation with less than £20m turnover (terms apply).

If you need help with preparing your company for Cyber Essentials, 3SDL are a cyber security company in Malvern who are one of the IASME Certification Bodies. They would be well placed to assist you because they conduct the Cyber Essentials assessments as well as offering consultancy to help companies prepare for the assessment.  You can contact them via

To be assessed against Cyber Essentials and obtain the certification, please apply here. Alternatively, all the self assessment questions are available to download for free before you complete the accreditation.

This will allow you to ensure that you understand the issues and find out the answers in advance of starting the live assessment. There is no need to pay anything until you are ready to pass.

If you have any questions about the process please ring the IASME help line 03300 882 752

*IASME Governance

At the same time as completing the assessment against Cyber Essentials you have the option of completing questions about the governance in your company. Through these additional questions you can be awarded an IASME governance certificate which is recognised by the MoD in the Cyber Security Model (CSM) which they will be requiring all suppliers to achieve later this year:

“The MoD have confirmed that any organisation with the IASME governance self assessment certification will, in due course, be able to bypass any CSM questions which cover the same ground. [A mapping exercise is planned to identify how many of them will fall into this category]. “

For more information please contact the Membership team    01905 673611