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Date: 16/03/2017

Simplyseedz hope that investment raised can bring their range of natural breakfast and snacking products to the nation.

With only 10 days left to go, Simplyseedz are hoping to gain more investment on the crowd-funding website Tesco BackIt, “If we don’t hit our target, we don’t receive any of the investment. It will be so much hard work for no return,” says Cathryn Zielinski, Founder of Simplyseedz.

Cathryn started Simplyseedz in her kitchen in Worcestershire, selling her homemade porridge, cereals and seed mixes at Famer’s Markets. Now, Simplyseedz can be found in Gloucester Services, Fenwicks Food Hall, Daylesford Organic, and is listed on Ocado and Amazon. However, without investment through Tesco BackIt the growth of Simplyseedz is restricted.

Why is Simplyseedz so important? It not only means a great deal to Cathryn and her family, but the cereal and snack aisles of supermarkets are full of hidden high sugar levels, salt and additives. Even trusted porridge brands have incredibly high levels of added sugar – as much as 8 teaspoons! The porridges, cereals and seed mixes from Simplyseedz are all refined sugar free, with no added salt. Their natural and simple recipes are produced from the best quality ingredients. They are nutritionally balanced; containing pumpkin and sunflower kernels, making their recipes high in protein and low in cholesterol. The whole product range is vegan friendly, even the instant porridge pots are a clever combination of oats; only water is required to create a creamy porridge.

Our plans with the investment raised through Tesco BackIt are to develop the seed mix snack pot offering, enabling them to be Supermarket ready and take the snack aisle by storm! We also want to expand our product range, by adding additional healthy recipes. 

For more information please contact Cathryn Zielinski or Rhian Williams on or 01386 791464
To view our Tesco BackIt campaign visit:
To view all Simplyseedz products please visit:
Imagery and samples are available, please contact Cathryn or Rhian with any requests.