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Date: 09/02/2017

Worcestershire based Orchard Healthcare is offering subsidised Well Man and Well Woman health screening for its members at its clinic in Worcester City Centre as part of a campaign to alert them to advantages of regular cost effective health screening.

Orchard Healthcare (also known as WHCA) has been involved in the provision of financial support for a wide range of health treatments for nearly 100 years and has over 2000 members based mainly in Worcester, Kidderminster and Hereford.  Health screening benefits are included in all Orchard Healthcare schemes but take up is quite low despite the widespread publicity given to the advantages of regular health checks.

Orchard Healthcare chairman, Michael Hardiman, referred to the growth in sophisticated technology based screening which is often expensive if people are paying for it themselves.  However basic Well Woman or Well Man screening takes only 45 minutes; is carried out in the privacy and convenience of our own clinic and costs less than a 3 course meal in a restaurant. 

The screening tests are carried out by locally based specialists Workplace Wellbeing and should encourage people to opt in to a programme of regular screening to monitor their own health.  We hope that our locally based members will see the benefits of our approach and will no longer be put off by ‘white coat syndrome’!

About Orchard Healthcare:
Orchard Healthcare, formally known as Worcester Hospital Contributors Association (WHCA), nearly 100 years in existence was originally formed in 1921 to provide funds to run hospitals in the Worcestershire area.
When the NHS was formed in 1947 Orchard Healthcare health cash plans were set up to help individuals to manage the costs of basic healthcare.
Orchard Healthcare health cash plans are coming back into favour as they provide an option to the NHS cut backs, and are a low cost alternative to private medical insurance.
Orchard Healthcare is a not for profit organisation, and so all the funds are used for the benefits of its members.
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