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Date: 26/01/2017

A group of Year 4 and 5 students at Holy Trinity School in Kidderminster have raised over £210 for The British Heart Foundation charity.

Named ‘Go Charity’ the project was created by Year 4 students Caitlyn Shearn, Lilli-Mai Hudson and Phoebe Jinks who came up with the plan of setting up a school stall to sell raffle tickets, books, cakes, sweets and stationary to raise money for charity, and quickly decided on the British Heart Foundation as two of the girls had family who had previously experienced heart conditions. Over the Christmas break between them they each donated books and stationary and started to prepare for the mammoth baking exercise of making cakes and cookies for their charity stall.

Caitlyn’s father David Shearn commented: “The girls devised a marketing strategy naming their stall ‘Go Charity’, putting posters around school and sending a text message to all parents to help drum up demand and realising they needed support from their friends, enlisted Daniel, Izzy, Sofia and Ella to help out, and with this additional support they were able to set prices and organise the support they needed to replenish their stock, as after 2 days their original stock had sold out!”

Their teachers agreed they could set up their stall in the Library at lunchtimes for a week, with parents also recruited to help with cooking, with their success a result of all their friends in Years 4 and 5 working together as one team.
Parents of the ‘Go Charity’ project said: “We are so proud of our children.  They have shown such maturity at the age of 8-10 and it is something they will remember forever. Their creativity, determination to succeed and most of all their desire to give to others less fortunate has made us very proud.”

On the last day the girls celebrated their success with a playdate and have agreed with teachers that the overall raffle winner will be drawn in assembly in front of the whole of primary school, with the ‘Go Charity’ team planning very soon to hand over their £214.80 donation to the British Heart Foundation.

An active community supporter, the school has since the beginning of this academic year helped and supported a number of local charities in addition to their support of the British Heart Foundation including raising over £1,000 for the NSPCC and approximately £500 for local pet charity Blue Cross in Bromsgrove.

Head of Primary, Mrs Carole Tobin, said: “The stall was a big hit with classmates, with queues forming at the start of the lunch bell every day. Prices started from as little as 10p which makes the £214.80 total they raised in a week even more incredible.”

The ‘Go Charity’ team had so much support from classmates that they even devised their own award for the best customer with Year 4 Adil winning the patience award when waiting in line and for the support he gave to his little brother to help him work out the sums!