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Date: 27/06/2016

In a very circular way, we have been working with a local member of the Chamber, Harris Lamb, for around 18 months. In order to understand the companies we work with in this way, to deliver the levels of training they require and to gain an overview of their needs, we begin by making them the case study. It is rewarding and challenging and we were honoured when Harris Lamb in turn wrote a case study for us!

What were you hoping to achieve by the training courses you have held with us and has this been successful?

We initially contacted Chamber Training on the lead up to our IIP assessment as we wanted to align our training needs and business needs within the business plan. We involved the Chamber from the very beginning and they helped by attending telephone conferences with ourselves and the IIP and forming an ongoing training plan with goals that were not only achievable but also measurable where possible. We gained our IIP status a few months ago and we are ongoing with continuing training courses allied to the IIP feedback report.

• How have you used the training and how have people benefitted personally?

We have trained our staff in many of the areas that Chamber Training deliver, ranging from Train the Trainer, Time Management, Customer Services through to Excel and Digital Marketing courses.

We have also used their consultancy services with a trainer working on a one to one basis with various members of staff which I know they have found very useful. I think we can safely say that we have fully utilised the service and are continually happy to do so.

A lot of staff are feeling far more confident in areas where they previously were hesitant and now have better skills and understanding of their roles. We have also found that when we offer training to individual members of staff, they feel much more valued and the morale is lifted within the workplace.

How has the business benefitted from the training?

The training courses have made people take time out of their working day to really consider if they are working effectively and whether there are ways to make themselves and their teams more productive. A lot of the courses have an element which raises self awareness and they are more likely to interact with each other with knowledge of the various personality types. Our staff have been given ways to handle even the most challenging of tasks - we have been made to consider our least efficient uses of time, our attitudes towards our clients and our colleagues and we have learnt that there are many excel short cuts we were never aware of! Our staff satisfaction levels have increased over this period and our staff retention is high.

How can you tell that the training has been successful?

We can see by staff motivation, staff retention and the atmosphere generally.

Would you recommend Chamber Business Training to others?

Definitely, Chamber Training and the trainers who work with them have worked very hard to make sure we receive what we want and we have seen numerous benefits.

If you are interested in working with us or finding out how we can help your business and employees to flourish, please get in touch by emailing me at


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Suzanne Boddy

Training Co-ordinator

Suzi began her training in Fine Art and Textiles. She has held various roles, including working as a freelance artist and painter specialising in large pieces for corporate premises. She is also a Bridal wear designer and Seamstress.
15 years ago Suzi began working part time for the BBC Academy. She enjoyed her role in training so much that she decided to work full time and held various posts during her time there.
Suzi has been at the Chamber for two years, setting up and organising the Chamber’s training courses, enjoying the development of the training portfolio and researching what members require.

John Legge
Suzi is my guest contact for arranging the ms office courses I run for the Chamber. Suzi is professional friendly and innovative. Thanks Suzi
29/06/2016 08:40:59

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