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Date: 29/04/2016

In work, sport, home and just about everywhere in life, the familiar saying goes: “You only get out what you put in”. 

As Business Development Manager for the Chamber, an important part of my role is ensuring that our members are getting the most from their membership with us. Very often we can get into a routine with membership and think we are using it well, whether with a gym membership or Chamber membership, but there may be many more opportunities available which we are not making the most of.

I have been a keen runner most of my life and run 6-8 miles four times a week. I consider myself to be using my gym membership well and to be getting the best out of it, until Saturday. After attending the same gym for the last three years and undertaking exactly the same workout each time, I decide do my first ever class called HIT. When first walking through the door, I almost turned around and walked back out again. Everyone was in established groupings and my first thought was “Why am I doing this?” But I took a deep breath and went in… the result, an hour later, was that I’d used muscles I never knew I even had and had actually been taken well out of my comfort zone – I had challenged myself.  By never self-evaluating my performance I had missed out on the opportunity to try different types of exercise, to meet new people and to challenge my fitness in new ways. 

We need to constantly self-evaluate and reflect on how we do things – in our personal lives and in business. Whilst it might feel more comfortable to coast along, we need to challenge ourselves and utilise every opportunity available to us. What works well one day may not in a few months’ time.
Chamber membership offers so much and I sometimes meet members who will say, “I really should try a few networking events”, or, “I really should use the online directory more”. So don’t treat your membership like my gym membership and wait three years to try something new – take action now:

Top tips:

  • Reflect – are you making the most of your Chamber membership and/or do you need a refresher? 
  • Communicate – Speak to your Account Manager, tell them what you would like to get out of your membership and what is important to you.  Attend networking events to speak to other like-minded people.
  • Set yourself goals – what do you want to achieve and by what date?
If you would like to reassess your business needs then please get in touch with your Account Manager who will gladly help signpost you in the right direction. 

Don’t settle for anything less than the best – put the maximum effort into your membership and reap the rewards!

Look forward to seeing you at future events!


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Rachel Gent

Business Development Manager

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