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Your Guide to Export Documents

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Certificate of Origin 

A Certificate of Origin is an actual declaration of origin certifying where an export item originated and is a Customs clearance requirement in certain countries. These can be presented to the Chamber Global Trade Hub in paper format or electronically at

Commercial Invoices and Other Documents

You may be asked for your commercial invoice to be authenticated by the Chamber of Commerce and legalised by the relevant Embassy. Documents such as Health Certificates, Agency Agreements, Power of Attorney, Free Sale Certificates and many more other documents may also be authenticated by the Chamber of Commerce, legalised by the relevant Embassy and/or require the Apostille of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. The Chamber International Trade Centre can arrange this on your behalf.

European Community Certificate of Origin

This may be called for by any country worldwide to evidence the origin of the exported goods.

Arab British Certificate of Origin

These Certificates of Origin are specifically for Arab State Countries (for the purpose of documentation): Algeria, Bahrain, Iraq, Djibouti, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somali Democratic Republic, Sudan, Syrian Arab, Republic, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, Yemen Arab Republic. Many of these documents require legalisation by the appropriate Embassy and as a sub agent to the Arab British Chamber, the Chamber International Trade Centre can arrange for this for you. Please be aware that you should allow extra time and expect considerable costs, however, the Chamber Global Trade Hub can provide a quote prior to submission of your documents.

It is advisable to check which Certificate of Origin is required as many Arab states do accept European Community Certificates of Origin (to include indemnity).

EUR 1 and ATR Form Authorisation 

The Chamber Global Trade Hub is authorised to authenticate Preference Documents on behalf of HM Revenue and Customs.

EUR 1 

There are many overseas countries that have trade agreements with the EC. An EUR1 is required by your overseas customer (within the agreements) to clear the goods into their country at reduced duty rates or in many cases free of duties. As the issuer/exporter of the EUR1 the goods covered by the document must have been manufactured in the EU and satisfy the origin rules in Customs Notices 827, 828 & 832.


These are preference documents specifically for Turkey which are required for all exports in order for businesses to receive preferential import duty rates or duty free. The origin rules are different to the EUR1 rules as the goods can originate anywhere in the world however if they are imported they must be in free circulation within the EC (all import formalities have been completed). IPR and End Use goods are
not eligible for preference. The rules are laid down by Customs Notice 812.

Notary Public

If you are dealing with any legal transaction overseas, you may need a Notary Public at some stage in the transaction to witness documents or certify information. The Notary’s main function is to ensure that the document being notarised will be effective in the country it is being sent to. Once a document has been properly notarised, it is proof that the correct person signed and understood the document or that the information being certified has been correctly verified.

Common examples of transactions that need a Notary:

  • Setting up a business overseas
  • Dealing with intellectual property rights
  • Enforcing litigation in foreign jurisdictions

Standard Shipping Notes (SSN ) and Dangerous Goods Notes (DGN) 

The Chamber International Trade Centre holds stock and can supply you with blank Standard Shipping Notes and Dangerous Goods Notes (chargeable).


For more information please contact the International Trade Team    01905 673614

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